Days 20 – 25, I’ve Done the State of TX Some Service [1/30/14]

Hello again, NYC–it’s good to see you! Let me tell you, I never really understood that they were other places out there quite so different than you. Having been on a trip to across the country has been eye-opening to say the least, but I’m┬áback in the Empire State with a fresh look on life and a new mindset on how I think my future should be.

It’s very strange how travel is so mind-altering. It’s something that I’ve never done on this level (traveling between time zones and to other countries–which is what everyone tells me TX is, haha), so it’s so new and foreign to me. The country has gotten so much smaller since I woke up in TX on Saturday morning and went to bed in NY on Saturday night. Learning that it takes a mere five or six hours to be across the country is a crazy realization.

I had a teacher in high school that told his students, “We create our experiences.” My little break from you has reaffirmed that belief, NYC. The energy we put out into the world is what we get back. For years, I strived to put out positive energy and strong goals of working with DeLorean Motor Company and having the chance to “live the dream.” Now, years after originally conceptualizing and planning on getting in touch with DMC about a possible internship, I can safely say I’ve lived the dream. It makes me both deeply proud and humbled to hear those words exit my mouth. Not many other people can say they lived a dream of theirs to the fullest, at the age of 20 no less. I’m grateful to so many others that I’m one of the few that can say that.

In the words of Othello, “I’ve done the state [of Texas] some service… No more of that.” At least for now, that is. Now it’s time to prep for the Spring 2014 semester.

A final post-internship Vlog will be coming soon. I plan to incorporate select footage from the internship and highlight my experiences through an overall look back at the past month. Definitely something to look forward to!

I've been to Texas and back, and I've lived the dream. For the next year and a half it's going to be a real deep self-discussion as to what to dream up next.

I’ve been to Texas and back, and I’ve lived the dream. For the next year and a half it’s going to be a real deep self-discussion as to what to dream up next.

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