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Days 20 – 25, I’ve Done the State of TX Some Service [1/30/14]

Hello again, NYC–it’s good to see you! Let me tell you, I never really understood that they were other places out there quite so different than you. Having been on a trip to across the country has been eye-opening to say the least, but I’m back in the Empire State with a fresh look on life and a new mindset on how I think my future should be.

It’s very strange how travel is so mind-altering. It’s something that I’ve never done on this level (traveling between time zones and to other countries–which is what everyone tells me TX is, haha), so it’s so new and foreign to me. The country has gotten so much smaller since I woke up in TX on Saturday morning and went to bed in NY on Saturday night. Learning that it takes a mere five or six hours to be across the country is a crazy realization.

I had a teacher in high school that told his students, “We create our experiences.” My little break from you has reaffirmed that belief, NYC. The energy we put out into the world is what we get back. For years, I strived to put out positive energy and strong goals of working with DeLorean Motor Company and having the chance to “live the dream.” Now, years after originally conceptualizing and planning on getting in touch with DMC about a possible internship, I can safely say I’ve lived the dream. It makes me both deeply proud and humbled to hear those words exit my mouth. Not many other people can say they lived a dream of theirs to the fullest, at the age of 20 no less. I’m grateful to so many others that I’m one of the few that can say that.

In the words of Othello, “I’ve done the state [of Texas] some service… No more of that.” At least for now, that is. Now it’s time to prep for the Spring 2014 semester.

A final post-internship Vlog will be coming soon. I plan to incorporate select footage from the internship and highlight my experiences through an overall look back at the past month. Definitely something to look forward to!

I've been to Texas and back, and I've lived the dream. For the next year and a half it's going to be a real deep self-discussion as to what to dream up next.

I’ve been to Texas and back, and I’ve lived the dream. For the next year and a half it’s going to be a real deep self-discussion as to what to dream up next.


Days 13 – 19, Southern Hospitality [1/20/14]

Time is flying way too fast now. I’m sure that a lot of Macaulay students feel that way when traveling away or abroad. I know I’m not alone on that level, but man do I wish time could slow down just a bit so I could enjoy this wonderful southern hospitality some more. I’m finding it easier to enjoy working down here; people seem to be more all-around jovial down here; traveling and driving is a bit more fun down here; self-reflection and alone time is easier to experience down here. Lots of pros, very few cons (one big one being constant humidity)!

As promised, here’s the gallery full of photos I took all over the beautiful state of Texas.

And don’t forget to actually check out the video content I’ve been producing at DMC! Here’s the first official video to go live on the web:


Days 7 – 12, The Lone Star State [1/13/14]

Texas being referred to as “the lone star state” is starting to make a lot of sense to me. Exploring the beautiful countryside, small-town American streets, sprawling city of Houston and other nooks and crannies alone (a majority of the time, but not always) makes one feel very lonely, or at least small compared to the size and scope of the world around him/her. That’s how I felt this weekend when I finally had the chance to see some sites and explore.

The gallery below contains all of the pictures I took on the weekend, most of which I mentioned in the video. Feel free to browse and leave a comment if you’re interested in hearing more about anything I’ve talked about or photographed!


Days 4, 5, 6, Getting Warmed Up [1/7/14]

Only three days in and I’m already breaking the rules of my VLog! Boy oh boy has this week been hectic so far. It’s a good, fun kind of hectic, don’t get me wrong. But hectic nonetheless. Watch below for more:

Long story short, I’m here in Texas. It’s pretty chilly. I’m working for DMC and having an amazing time so far. I’m staying at an absolutely lovely bed and breakfast hosted by a wonderful family. Things are going well, and I’m beyond thankful for that. I constantly acknowledge that there are tons of problems out there with the world, and I always try to remain humble. No pun intended (being that Humble is where I’m living).

The beautiful city of Houston as seen flying in to IAH airport past midnight.

The beautiful city of Houston as seen flying in to IAH airport past midnight.


Day 1, What Should Have Been The Trip To Texas! [1/3/14]

Day One has officially arrived! Today was the day that I was supposed to travel down to Houston, Texas to begin my internship with DeLorean Motor Company, but due to the blizzard that hit the northeastern coast, all flights were canceled. Below is the first VLog episode, where I explain my current situation in more detail.

As I said in the video, the only real thing to know about this VLog is that I will post one video EVERY WEEKNIGHT, MONDAY TO FRIDAY, for the duration of my away internship (which lasts until January 25). That means that every night or early morning, there’ll be fresh content to watch from yours truly about what’s been happening with me in TX.

Obviously this first VLog isn’t quite as polished as I had hoped it would be, but such is the nature of the best laid plans o’ mice and men–they oft go awry. Until Monday, this is Daniel signing off!

P.S. – Happy Belated New Years to all!


An Away Internship on the Horizon

I hope all of my readers and their families had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year, and I also hope that everyone scored some great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Getting your holiday shopping over with now (which shouldn’t be a priority of the season, but everyone is bound to do it so we might as well embrace it) makes the rest of the season that much more enjoyable.

Anyway, after a very work-heavy semester, I’m extremely proud to announce some big and exciting news to my friends and family as well as the Macaulay community. This Winter Intersession I’m going to be traveling down to Houston, Texas to get involved with an away internship! With who, you ask? DeLorean Motor Company!

The DMC world headquarters in Humble, TX.

The DMC world headquarters in Humble, TX.


Anyone who knows me can tell I have a real passion for DeLorean automobiles. After years of researching and learning about the car, its history, and John DeLorean, I couldn’t be more excited to finally have the chance to work with the modern day DMC. It’s an honor and something that I look forward to immensely.

After months of preparation, I’m officially set to fly down to Texas on January 3 and begin my internship with DMC as a Corporate Videography and Marketing Intern. I’ll be traveling with a large majority of my production gear and making a series of videos for the company to use on their site and social media pages. I’ll be flying back on January 25, just in time for the Spring 2014 semester.

Besides announcing these wonderful new plans to my friends and Macaulay community, I wanted to also announce my intentions to do a daily video log and a few other video projects outside of my work at DMC while I’m in Texas. Over the 16 weekdays that I’ll be working with DMC (weekends I’ll reserve to myself for exploring the state and relaxing, haha), I’m going to post a nightly VLog updating my blog followers on my progress and what I’m learning as a Macaulay Film Production and TV/Radio double major on an away internship. I also plan on editing together a look back video and a documentary on my experience as whole in the Spring 2014 semester, after I’ve returned.

All of the aforementioned content will be easily accessible on The Utopia Of Daniel in the new “My DMC Away Internship” subsection of the “College” category. I can’t wait to get to work on these projects and look forward to sharing my experiences with my followers here. Be sure to stay tuned to TUOD for more!


The DeLorean Bicycle – “Ride the Dream”

If you know cars, odds are you’ve probably heard of the DeLorean. I mean, it is a car. That is, up until today. Now, not only is it a car, but it’s a bicycle, too! How crazy is that?

I almost thought it was a random prank when I saw the DeLorean Motor Company Facebook page post a link to, but then I remembered that Stephen Wynne, CEO of DMC, had once mentioned the idea of making a DeLorean-styled bicycle. It turns out that this product is totally real.

The DeLorean Bicycle is a stainless steel bicycle that’s built for speed, comfort and stardom. As stated on the website: “The DeLorean Bicycle gives a ride combined with a style that makes it equally at home next to your DeLorean during the car show as it would the weekly road race for the city limit signs. Even if you have never owned a DeLorean, the name and style are iconic and unmistakeable.”

That’s right. It’s a bike name now.

Right now, it looks like there are three models of the bike available to purchase: “DeLorean Anyday,” “DeLorean Speed,” and “DeLorean Cruise.” I would definitely go with the “Anyday” model, just because I’d like to show my DeLorean Bicycle off all the time and not only go racing, haha.

Although this is probably the coolest bicycle in existence now, there’s just one problem: the base price is $5,495. Well, there goes the idea of getting that as my own personal ‘end-of-first-year-of-college’ gift.


“I need a DeLorean”

Earlier today on the DeLorean Motor Company Facebook page, they shared a link to the following music video. I gave it a listen, and it’s a really great song that combines my favorite movie themes of the 1980s with the catchy beats of the 2000s. Not to mention that this song pretty much describes my life right now… “I need a DeLorean!”

Check out the band’s page HERE.


Met the DMC Team

At the 2012 NYC Auto Show, the DeLorean Motor Company had their very own booth down on the lower level of the Jacob Javitz Convention Center, and I got a chance to go visit them!

As I walked through the building’s upper level and saw all of the Nissans, Mini Coopers, Acuras and hundreds of other companies and their vehicles, I knew that there were DeLoreans somewhere below me. I went to the show with three of my friends who also love cars (just not DeLoreans, haha), and they kept reminding me that I would never be able to go back to this point in time; the point where I had not yet send a DeLorean. Once I saw one, that was it. It’s not that that would mean I knew everything or about them or experienced driving them or anything like that, it would just mean that I would have actually seen a DeLorean in my lifetime.

When we finally made it downstairs and I turned the corner after going through the doors leading to that level of the show, THERE IT WAS. The new DeLorean EV (Electric Vehicle)! For the first time in my life, I was seeing the car that I’d researched, cherished and dreams about for almost an entire year. It was astounding, to say the least. We weren’t allowed to sit in it, but we could still look at it.

After taking in the fact that I was there, I felt the stainless steel and really knew that this was the car for me. Then, as I looked up, I saw the man who made DeLoreans in the 21st century possible, CEO Stephen Wynne! I wanted to ask him all sorts of questions about the company and how things had been going, but I really couldn’t get much else out besides: “Hi! I’m a huge fan! Can I have a picture with you!?” Such is life, I guess, haha.

Meeting Stephen Wynne.


After I got a picture and asked Mr. Wynne to sign my hat, another DMC representative at the booth (whom I later found out was Mr. Wynne’s son, Cameron) handed me a new DMC cap. I guess he saw that I knew who I was talking to and that I was such a huge fan of the car. The cap is also pretty special, too, considering it’s a limited edition hat and only 500 were made!

My first DMC cap (signed) on the left, and the new one on the right.


In the end, I didn’t really spend as much time at the booth as I wanted to because I was so “out of it” after having seen not only two DeLoreans (there was a classic DeLorean there with the electric model), but the CEO of the modern DMC. I definitely would’ve loved to have spent more time there and actually talked to them, but the nerves kicked in and pushed me out. Haha, hopefully next time I’ll be able to talk to them some more and see how things are going down in Texas.


Camaros run in the family

A while ago in another blog post, I mentioned that my father used to own a 1979 Camaro. Well after much searching, he finally found some old pictures of it. And I’ve decide to upload them for you all to see!

Front and back shots of my dad's old 1979 second-generation Camaro.

This is a really cool second-generation maroon-colored Camaro. There’s actually a second-gen. Z28 Camaro parked not far from my house that looks just like this, and it’s one that I might even make an offer on when I have the money. So maybe one day I’ll be driving around in the same car that my father did back in the ’80s.