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Borough Driving and Living the Dream

Ever wonder what Daniel’s opinion is on driving throughout the boroughs? Well now you can learn how he feels about the topic. Also, you’ll get some pep talk about why DeLoreans and Camaros are awesome (and BMWs are not).


Happy Easter, Jeff Goldblum!

Another Macaulay VLog brought to you by yours truly. This week’s theme (also brought to you by moi, haha) is: “What would you have done with the $640,000,000 lottery jackpot last week if you had won it?”


My ridiculously stupid problems with MHC

My new Macaulay VLog is up! This week’s theme was about problems you have with Macaulay Honors College, but since I’m a freshman and haven’t been here all that long, my complaints aren’t all that valid. Watch the video to find out more!



Another Macaulay VLog: “God Bless Corporate America”

My new Macaulay VLog is up! This week’s theme was all about our favorite sports memories, so I decided to talk about the thing that everybody watches the Super Bowl for. COMMERCIALS.

Enjoy, and please comment letting me know what you guys think! Thanks a ton.

My new Macaulay VLog episode is up!

PS: All ads were obtained from I own none of them and just wanted to pay homage to the companies that made them.


My first video for The Macaulay VLog

I’m proud to announce that my first video for the Macaulay VLog has gone live. The theme for this week was television show and movie awards. Please check it out and let me know what you think! I’d love to hear some reader opinions and or questions.