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One Final 2012 Update–Happy New Year!

‎2012… What to say?

It’s been the worst of times and the best of times, at least in my opinion.

I could recap all the bad things that have happened in the past few months, but I don’t feel it’s necessary. What I do feel is necessary is talk about the GOOD of 2012: communities coming together, people volunteering more often, a nation working hard to rebuild and recover from a poor economic state, the breaking of dozens of records (like the highest free fall ever from space), the world NOT ending, and of course, the release of Gangnam Style. We’ve all survived a lot, and it’s good to know that we’re going into this new year together.

God Bless you all, God Bless the United States of America, Happy New Year to you and your families, and enjoy my last “new” film of 2012 (it’s something that was never finished, but deserves to be seen). I’ll see you all on the far side!


Still LOST: Agent Mulder knows about the island

If you don’t know what “Still LOST” is, check out this blog post: “Still LOST: What is this place?

So I recently got into this amazing show from the 90s. You may have heard of it… just this little show called The X-Files! What a terrific show. I’m a massive sci-fi geek, and I’ve always wanted to check this show out. Only problem was that while it was airing, I was scared silly of this show. Just hearing the eerie theme alone made me start shaking out of fear. What little kid wasn’t afraid of the show’s theme?

Anyway, when it became available to stream via Netflix, I jumped at the chance to start watching. And sure enough, I’ve found tons of things that remind me of LOST. One of the largest would have to be how Agent Fox Mulder’s apartment number is 42. I guess that he’s known about the island all along.

Apartment 42. Fox Mulder.


Still LOST: “The Quiet Place Project”

If you don’t know what “Still LOST” is, check out this blog post: “Still LOST: What is this place?

Credit for this find goes to a friend of mine, Mike R. 

A man named Amitay Tweeto created a website, entitled “The Quiet Place Project,” with the intention of it being a place of relaxation for his four hundred friends on various social networking sites. Despite those intentions, the site exploded with visits and became very  popular in a short amount of time!

After three quick hits of your space bar (and following some important instructions), you’ll find yourself listening to an excellent rendition of a medley of tracks from LOST (mainly like “Moving On,” from the season six original soundtrack).

LOST fan or not, this is a great place to take a break from the crazy, connected world we live in today. Enjoy, brothas.

A great website for LOST fans and overall relaxation.






Still LOST: 4 8 15 Spotting!

If you don’t know what “Still LOST” is, check out this blog post: “Still LOST: What is this place?

As I was completing a guest satisfaction survey on the other day, I noticed that my validation code (to get a free donut with the purchase of a medium or larger beverage) was 04815. 4 8 15 anyone?

Needless to say I threw this code away, because as we all know, THE NUMBERS ARE BAD!

4 8 15 spotting on!


Still LOST: Dharma Initiative Cap

If you don’t know what “Still LOST” is, check out this blog post: “Still LOST: What is this place?

For Halloween last year, I made a set Dharma Initiative jumpsuits for me and my friends. Along with that, I bought a beige hat from a local craft store for one dollar. I wanted to add this hat to my costume by designing it with all sorts of little LOST references, so I took out a Sharpie marker, printed out some templates and began drawing.

The final product had the Dharma logo and the word “LOST” on the front, the numbers “4 8 15 16 23 42” on the front and back, and an ankh to top it all off. It’s now one year later, and I’m still wearing this hat everywhere I go. It’s much more worn out now, but it still holds a special place in my heart.

And sometimes, if I get really lucky, people will stop me on the street or on campus or wherever I am and say: “Hey, you were a LOST fan?” An intense conversation about the show and its ending always ensues!

The legendary hat worn by yours truly.


Still LOST: Hello 108

If you don’t know what “Still LOST” is, check out this blog post: “Still LOST: What is this place?

After donating to an online film production fundraising campaign, I noticed that the campaign only had 108 more days to go. That number should seem super familiar to any LOST fan. 108 days… and counting.

The fundraising site for The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie.


108 days. And counting.


Still LOST: Dharma Team 2010

If you don’t know what “Still LOST” is, check out this blog post: “Still LOST: What is this place?

Last year during October, a few months after LOST had ended, I got together with a few of my close high school buddies and we started thinking about the Halloween contest at our high school. Every year there would be a Senior Costume Contest where the winner(s) would get small monetary prizes. The best costume(s) would win a free prom ticket, and there were different categories for singles. couples and groups.

Since we loved LOST so much, we figured what the heck? I went out and ordered four custom jumpsuits from, four Dharma station patches from eBay, and when they all arrived at my house I had them tailored with our names and self-assigned jobs on them! Each jumpsuit cost a little less than $80 for everything, so in the end it was very cheap (compared to the ones you can buy that come with everything pre-affixed and tailored for around $200).

I also went to work on building a small, cardboard version of the blue Dharma vans fans saw Hurley and the Dharma gang driving all over the island. The cardboard I got for free from a local pharmacy, and the paint cost around $10 at Home Depot.

We knew that not many people were going to understand who we were dressed up as, but we weren’t doing it for them. We were doing it for ourselves (and the various teachers who we knew that loved the show as well). When it came time to go out on stage in front of the seniors, we “drove” the van out and around the judges table, gave Hawaiian leis to each judge and ran off when the smoke monster sound effects played. It was a lot of fun and the people we knew who like the showed loved what we did. Unfortunately, we lost the group category to four people who dressed up as characters from the idiotic show Jersey Shore (which added to the list of reasons why I hate it).

The Dharma Initiative 2010 recruits and Freddy Krueger (S.W. 2010). From left to right: Joe, The Staff, Surgeon; Eric, The Orchid, Interrogator; Steph, Elm St., Nightmare-maker; Pat, The Flame, Cartographer; Daniel, The Swan, Button Pusher.


The four of us Dharma dudes spent the rest of the day recording our own version of some of our favorite scenes from the show. We’re really proud of this video, and we’re hoping to regroup this Halloween (2011) and make a new video with more scenes (and of course, many more bloopers). The new video will be made the weekend of Halloween, so if anyone has any suggestions for scenes to spoof, feel free to comment them here! Namaste, and good luck.


Still LOST: Dharma Jewelry?

If you don’t know what “Still LOST” is, check out this blog post: “Still LOST: What is this place?

A friend of mine found this interesting store while on a trip to Boston a few days ago:

Good old Dharma Initiative. I see they're expanding into other fields now. (K.M. 2011)


It appears as if the Dharama Initiative is in the jewelry biz now! So this is what Benjamin, Hurley and Walt have been up to since the show ended. Well, the main question on my mind now is: Does anyone think they’re hiring reliable button pushers?


Still LOST: Charlie’s DS ring

If you don’t know what “Still LOST” is, check out this blog post: “Still LOST: What is this place?

This Monday, October 3, was my 18th birthday! I asked for one main thing that I had want for while, and I ended up getting it. It was the DS ring that Charlie wore throughout many episodes of the show.

The DS stands for three different things when I wear it!

In the show, we learn that this ring was passed down through generations of Charlie’s family. The letters are often though to stand for Charlie and his brother Liam’s band, Drive Shaft, although this is not the case. They’re actually initials that stand for Dexter Stratton, Charlie and Liam’s great grandfather. The ring was passed on to the first born of every generation of the family. Eventually, Liam gave it to Charlie as a Christmas present.

On the island, Charlie was often seen wearing the ring along with bandages on his fingers that had letters on them. Towards the end of the third season, Charlie put the ring in the crib of Claire Littleton’s son, Aaron. The ring never made it to the child or her mother. It was instead found by Sun Kwon on the beach in season five.


Still LOST: What is this place?

If you can’t already tell by previous blog posts, I’m a huge television show and film fan. I’ve seen movies and shows from all sorts of different time periods, but most of my favorites are more recent (from the 2000s). My absolute favorite television show of the science-fiction genre has been and always will be LOST.

If you haven’t seen the show, this section of my blog probably isn’t for you. What I want to try to do is talk about all the things I see in my day-to-day life the remind me of my favorite sci-fi show. This could be anything from tangible objects to people and thoughts.

Besides that, I might review some LOST products and episodes in the future. There will probably be some posts about how LOST and its principles and morals affect me and my friends in real life as well. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll definitely like this section of the blog.

Namaste, and good luck, brothas.

The title screen from the ending of every episode of LOST.