• Along Bedford Avenue

    Using Bedford Avenue as a sample, we study the diversity of Williamsburg. We noted where there are substantial changes in culture along the avenue and, on this basis, divided Bedford Avenue into five segments within Williamsburg.

  • Gentrification

    Gentrification has changed Williamsburg drastically. Over the course of a few years, various small businesses, stores, and condominiums have opened, and with them has come a new people and culture. On this page, we examine the socioeconomic and cultural effects of gentrification on Williamsburg, and how this culture fits into Williamsburg’s traditional culture through interviews, …

  • Family Growth in Williamsburg

    Family Growth in Williamsburg is a project focusing on the demographic shifts in the “hipster” Williamsburg area. The main focus of the project is to identify the characteristics of the current population and whether or not the area is actually developing into a family-based community.

  • Reclusions

    One of our goals in Williamsburg was to research the interactions between the different communities that reside there. We will observe the ways the communities live together in Williamsburg. Our main goal is to discover how Williamsburg is known to be the location where many different types of people live.