Hasidic Jews      |     Gentrified People      |      Arts Community        |       Conclusion

When we explored Williamsburg we expected the communities to interact with one another. However, once we got there, we were surprised to find that there was little or no interactions between these groups. The Hasidic Jewish community is a clear example of this. They lived in their own ethnic enclave and barely interacted with anybody else. After many attempts to approach them, we discovered they like to keep to themselves. The gentrified people often interact with people but only the ones that live around them. This is primarily because they are new to the area and feel they do not fit into the existing communities.

From what we observed, it is evident that the art community thrives in Williamsburg. They seem to interact among people with the same interests. We realized our assumption of Williamsburg was incorrect. The different communities only communicate in their respective groups. The gentrified and arts community, unlike the Hasidic Jews, are more inclined to interact with other people. Since the groups are full of diverse people, they are more likely to communicate with other people. The Hasidic Jews, seems to just keep to themselves as much as possible and interact with the people in their own community. However, there are instances where these different communities do come together share their differences.

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