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Mizu 192 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211

Mizu, a Japanese restaurant, located at 192 Bedford Avenue, claims that it caters to all “classes and ethnicities.” Although the waitress claimed that Mizu serves a diverse consumer group, we noticed that the customers were composed of mainly Russians and European tourists.  As you step into the restaurant, you would be immediately entranced by its tranquil ambiance, as you listen to the soft Japanese style music playing in the background. The restaurant’s atmosphere can be described as contemporary and modern. The lights are dimly lit, the furniture is new, the waitresses sport unique Japanese style outfits.



Mizu turns out to be established after a Korean restaurant. The food prices are actually quite expensive, ranging from $2 for a soup to $52 for a sushi plate. Although the prices are expensive, the food looks quite appetizing. Each dish looks intricately designed and set on the plate with perfect precision. We spoke to the waitress and found out that she was originally from China and not Japan. She went to high school, but didn’t attend college. She points out that most of the people who work at Mizu at least completed high school. She is actually a new immigrant to Williamsburg and said that she was immediately attracted to the neighborhood’s “friendliness.”




Wild Ginger 212 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211


Wild Ginger is yet another restaurant at Bedford Avenue that serves Pan-Asian food. One particularly interesting aspect that sets Wild Ginger apart from other Pan-Asian restaurants located in Bedford Avenue is that it serves only vegan food. Its unique menu consists of items ranging from “tofu nuggets” to “barbeque vegan ribs.” Its food also embraces a wide range of Pan-Asian ethnicities, including, “Malaysian curry stew” from Malaysia, “pad thai” from Thailand, and “miso mushroom soup” from Japan. Like Wild Ginger, there was another Pan-Asian restaurant before this one, but the restaurant served Chinese food.



This restaurant also specifically caters to white Americans that belong to the middle class. Therefore, their menu prices are also quite expensive, seeing that a single entree can cost you $15. The atmosphere of Wild Ginger is actually remarkably similar to that of Mizu’s. The lights are dimmed, music is playing in the background, and the décor is quite contemporary. All this serves to create a relaxing atmosphere. A different aspect about Wild Ginger is that there is an open bar that serves a variety of drinks right near the entrance.




The waitress who talked to us claimed that she came from Malaysia and also completed her high school education there. When asked about the type of employees they are looking to hire, she said that because the owner of the restaurant is Chinese, they try to hire people of Chinese descent. One important requirement is that the employee must speak Mandarin. When asked about what about Williamsburg attracted her, she seemed taken aback for a few minutes and said, “What can I say? I’ve been working here for five years,” but eventually settled with, “I like the different people here.”



Bayleaf 135B North 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Bayleaf is a restaurant that serves Indian cuisine. As you step inside the restaurant, the first thing that strikes you is the place’s fine décor. The place is incredibly fancy, with wine glasses and rose centerpieces lying on top of each and every table. The fancy décor is further complimented by framed Indian paintings that are hung on the wall. If you listen closely, you can also hear soft Indian music playing in the background. A long black carpet leads you from the entrance to the interior of the restaurant. The place is empty, not a single costumer is enjoying Bayleaf’s fancy atmosphere on this particular Friday afternoon.



When asked about the type of costumers the restaurant usually serves, the manager said that they cater to mostly Americans, particularly Polish Americans and European tourists. The prices of their food are actually not as expensive as you would assume, contrasting to the fancy décor of the place. Most of their dishes range from $8 to $9. The manager said that they are not hiring anyone at the moment, seeing that business is usually slow around the beginning of the summer. However, the manager said that they usually hire people who can deal with the kitchen and delivery.




When asked about his own educational background, the manager said that he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Bangladesh. He is also attracted to Williamsburg’s friendly atmosphere. He likes Williamsburg because it is “doing good business” and not a lot of crimes are present in this neighborhood.



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