Tracing the Feelings of a Neighborhood: The History and Demographics of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Area: 2.179 square miles

Population: 126,183

Population density:

Williamsburg: 57,896 people per square mile
Brooklyn: 34,917 people per square mile

Age and Sex of Residents in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY

Median rent in 2011:

Williamsburg: $970
New York: $941

Zip codes: 11237, 11206, 11211.

Males: 62,045
Females: 64,603

Median age:

Males: 25.1 years
Females: 28.5 years

Average household size:

Williamsburg: 3.0 people
New York: 2.6 people


Percentage of family households:

Williamsburg: 48.8%
New York: 49.0%

Percentage of married-couple families (among all households):

Here: 38.8%
New York: 44.1%

Percentage of married-couple families with children (among all households):

Williamsburg: 28.2%
New York: 54.1%

Percentage of single-mother households (among all households):

Williamsburg: 7.7%
New York: 9.5%

Percentage of never married males 15 years old and over:

Williamsburg: 24.6%
New York: 19.5%

Percentage of never married females 15 years old and over:

Williamsburg: 25.2%
New York: 18.2%

Percentage of people that speak English not well or not at all:

Williamsburg: 23.6%
New York: 7.2%


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