The Year of the Flood A companion to Margaret Atwood's novel

The Year of the Flood
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Jonah Garnick

Hi all, my name is Jonah Garnick, and I am a sophomore at Macaulay Hunter. I am an Urban Studies major and double minor in Public Policy and Africana Puerto Rican Latino Studies. For the Year of the Flood Project I worked on the Chronology and Geography group. My role was to help visualize the book by […]

Cynthia Perez Beltethon
Cynthia Perez Beltethon

Hey! I’m Cynthia, a senior in the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College, double majoring in Psychology and Gender studies. I was a part of the God’s Gardeners group and one of the content strategists for this E-portfolio. I created the Madd Addam Trilogy Wikia in order to have an in-depth site for everything related […]

Adrienne Zhou

Hi all! My name is Adrienne and I’m a sophomore currently pursuing a major in Health and Nutrition Science at Brooklyn College. I love to bake and have impromptu dance parties, and can be seen frequently stopping to pet dogs and making silly faces at babies in public. For the website I focused on the […]

Vita Xie

Hey! I’m Vita and I’m a senior at Brooklyn College. I major in sociology and minor in anthropology. I was in charge of researching the geography of The Year of the Flood world and in creating the prezi that served as the conceptual map of the textual information I collected. I’m also a general editor […]

Myrna Hanna

Hey Everyone! My name’s Myrna and I’m part of the Macaulay Honors College. I’m currently a sophomore at City College, undecided on my major. For my groups portion of the project we did the Chronology and Geography of The Year of the Flood. The events in the book are not in chronological order so by […]

Sophia Curran

Hi all, my name is Sophia. I am in my second year at Hunter, and “Imagining Gender: Exploring Narratives of Technology” is the second course I have taken through the Macaulay Honors College. “Sexuality and American Culture” with Professor Lee Quinby was the first. I am an English and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies double-major. […]

Pranitha Prabhu

I am a junior at Brooklyn College, double majoring in Biology and Spanish Language. As a part of the Corporations, Technology and Society group, I connected the technology we encountered in the novel to the research being done today. I was surprised to see how we have been making strides with genetic engineering because this […]

Lisa Brundage

I’m Lisa and it has been my pleasure to be the professor of the Macaulay seminar “Imagining Gender: Exploring Narrative of Technology.” Teaching this course has been a splendid opportunity to blend my research interests in gender, sexuality, and literature, with my pedagogical work focused on integrated technology in the classroom and digital literacy. This […]

Connie Lui

I’m a junior at Brooklyn College, double majoring in International Relations and Spanish. I’m part of the Corporations, Technology and Society group for our project. My main focus was on the corporations, what they were and how the character’s lives were affected by them. I looked closely at how the main characters in the novel […]

Caroline Kaleda

I am a junior at Hunter College with a double major in English/Creative Writing and Psychology. I also intend on adding a minor in French. I am part of the God’s Gardeners group. I put together a master list of saints on the Madd Addam Trilogy Wikia, as well as short bios for fourteen of […]

Ana Asano

Hi all! My name’s Ana and I’m part of the Macaulay Honors College. I’m currently an upper junior at Baruch College, studying Marketing & Advertising (very exciting!). Since Year of the Flood is anachronistic, we thought it important to organize Toby and Ren’s life events in chronological order to better understand their movement through spaces […]