The Year of the Flood A companion to Margaret Atwood's novel

The Year of the Flood
Toby’s Life Journey
Toby's Life Journey

The Corps is the totalitarian government of the world of The Year of the Flood. They exercise a degree of control over most of the industries, e.g. SeksMart, and businesses, e.g. AnooYoo and SecretBurger. They can track their citizens through fingerprinting technology, and all citizens are required to have an identity. Those without one could get into […]

Toby’s Timeline
Toby's Timeline

Author’s Note: Please note that dates are an estimate based on textual evidence. On page 403 of Year of the Flood Atwood writes: “On this day we remember, too, Saint Sojourner Truth, guide of escaping slaves two centuries ago, who walked so many miles with only the stars to guide her…” Sojourner Truth escaped to freedom in […]