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When I first found out about BioBlitz, it had already been too late to register online. All the sections my friends registered for had already been filled and thus I was forced to do a walk-in session.

I must admit that it prior to going to BioBlitz, I was a bit uninterested due to the session starting near 8 in the morning. The fact that it was a hot day that simply added to my grievances as long pants and closed toed shoes were required to participate.

When I got to the Central Park Recreation Center, I assigned to a group that I would focus on with others. I was part of the insect group. I was a little hesitant at first due to my slight fear of little creepy crawlers and their many limbs.

As the day progressed and after a few hours in the Ramble I started to appreciate BioBlitz. It was cool how we were granted access to parts of the park that we normally would be kicked out of. We also drew the attention of tourists and local parkgoers who saw us trying to catch insects. Things got interesting when passerbys witnessed a member of my group catching a beautiful dragonfly with a butterfly net.

It was pretty exciting to find out that many insects lived in Central park. After taking account of all the other groups, I realized that the Central park which provides a great place for summer tanning is the same area that acts as a home to many species.


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