Heavy costs on resources

Everyday people are using the Earth’s resources and all of the products that people have at home are all from natural resources. However, there are heavy costs on both renewable resources and non-renewable resources. Valuation on the resources are coming at a heavier price and the world is losing an exponential amount of resources that we may run out soon or later.

Costanza’s article is putting on a perspective of despite how much money people pay to receive these resources, the amount of money people pay does not impact the growth of how many trees are being cut down or how much mineral is being produced. Natural resources are exactly that–natural and renewable resources such as oil, minerals and soil can take hundreds or even million of years to re-create. A lot of these resources are already becoming scarce despite how much people are paying because a lot of these natural resources are necessities.

Since society has placed a cost value on many of our needed resources, according to Costanza, people typically view their resources by the cost to admire their actual value. By putting a price tag on these natural resources, people will appreciate more of the products and resources they are purchasing and may care more for the environment.

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