Biodiversity Loss and Its Impact on Human Activity

This article by Cardinale is titled “Biodiversity loss and its impact on humanity,” but he provides substantial evidence of the effect of humanity on biodiversity loss.¬†As biodiversity decreases, the efficiency, stability, functionality follows, caused by negative human interaction with the environment. Cardinale’s article reflects the importance of biodiversity and its deleterious potential by providing a strong basis of facts: history, six consensus statements, emerging trends, and weaknesses.

Biodiversity, for the most part, is beneficial to an ecosystem. The main reason being that the more organisms that you have in a functioning ecosystem doing similar tasks, the niches are more defined and the removal of such organisms is able to be overlooked. When biodiversity deteriorates, like it is now, the impact of the removal of an organism looms larger and larger.

Cardinale points out that time is of the essence in educating the public and studying in specific the true impact of biodiversity in our world. Cardinale admits that we are far from learning the complete value of biodiversity, such as the connection between BEF and BES research, which is essential to carry out the goal of educating the public and policymakers.


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