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"It is definitely important that the research done on biodiversity functioning needs to overlap more with biodiversity services in order for necessary changes to be made. I think the challenge is in how much really needs to be done. Economically, how much is too much to invest? And how can the repercussions of biodiversity loss be measured until it is too late to do anything about it? It may also be true that the changes in nature need time to mesh with everyday life. What I mean to say is, along with the loss in today's biodiversity, there may be new facets developing in nature that are not yet known and accounted for. Maybe, with time, everything will work itself out, and the circle of life will continue. This issue is a difficult one to grapple with. There is infinite uncertainty in nature, and it is impossible to predict what will be in the future. True, the algorithms developed in research are all that is available to us now so we must use them. But, they should not be relied on too heavily, because the future has factors that are not included. I understand that I basically just said that the research being done is hopeless, and to a certain extent it is. How much power do we actually have over the universe?"
--( posted on Sep 29, 2013, commenting on the post Understanding Humanity’s Impact on Biodiversity )
"You make some very interesting points. Unfortunately, I disagree with many of them. First off, you say that altering one part of an ecosystem affects it "generally for the worse," which I dont think is true. Certainly, nature evolves as humans, animals, and other organisms and compounds interacts with it. Why does that make it worse? Adaptations lead to change, which is a very positive thing a lot of the time. Another point I want to make is this: If you really want to preserve a species, make it edible. The consumer industry is so huge and has enough power to preserve a species that is economically worthwhile. Can you imagine a shortage of chickens? Keep in mind that millions of chickens are slaughtered daily in our country alone."
--( posted on Sep 24, 2013, commenting on the post Dinner at the Cost of Destroying the Environment )