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A Brief BioBlitz--posted on Sep 3, 2013


"I agree with your viewpoint and Cardinale's opinion on the purpose and value of biodiversity. Obviously scarcity of diversity will make it harder for the ecosystem to be productive and thrive. However, his work doesn't really consider the presence of TOO much biodiversity. Is it possible that it can reach levels to the point where the ecosystem is in havoc? Are the species unable to cooperate with the greater number of species amongst them? In these types of situations I always try to question the possibility of both extremes. It would be interesting to juxtapose an ecosystem that suffers from lack of biodiversity and an ecosystem that suffers from too much diversity and see if more is actually better or not."
--( posted on Oct 1, 2013, commenting on the post Cardinale/Biodiversity )
"I completely agree with your explanation of how the absence of predators will alter an ecosystem. All the stability will be removed by an overabundance of one of the lower leveled species and will eventually cause the destruction of the ecosystem. Many people don't always consider this because, as the article mentions, they look at it as bottum-up approach versus a top-down one. I also agree with your last point, there needs to be some sort of regulation put in place for the removal of blue crabs. Often they don't pay attention to the removal of the species until the consequences are already noticable."
--( posted on Sep 26, 2013, commenting on the post Dinner at the Cost of Destroying the Environment )