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Organization is Key--posted on Nov 11, 2013
It’s Not All About the Money--posted on Sep 12, 2013
bioblitz-ing--posted on Sep 3, 2013


"All of our readings are intertwined with the importance of nature and how it affects everything. The title sums up the entire article. I thought it was interesting how they gathered so much data and summarized it all up into six statements about the importance of biodiversity. With more biodiversity, it creates a stable ecosystem and more productivity. If there is less biodiversity, the ecological functions will be less efficient, there will be a greater change in the ecosystem and it can even lead to the distinction of organisms, which will obviously negatively impact the ecosystem. Just like every response to the readings, humans can help out to sustain the ecosystem. Cardinale has brought to light about the importance of biodiversity. However, it is certainly up to us, the human race, to fix things instead of damaging. We need to be the solution, not the problem."
--( posted on Oct 1, 2013, commenting on the post Biodiversity’s Importance )
"It is an interesting way of thinking from the top-down perspective of the ecosystem. We normally think of how necessary the producers are to the ecosystem and how the food chain starts off with the plants and ends with the consumers. In actuality, the food chain more complex than that. This article discusses how important each part of the food chain is to the ecosystem. If one component changes, then it will disrupt the entire balance of the ecosystem. To answer your question, I do believe that we are necessary to the ecosystem or else why do we even exist. Everything has a purpose. If we just fell of the face of the world, it would be detrimental to the environment. Increasing or decreasing the population of predators in general would alter populations of its prey and so on. Everything is affected."
--( posted on Sep 26, 2013, commenting on the post The implications of our Top-Down Systems )