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Biodiversity’s Importance--posted on Sep 30, 2013
Something New--posted on Sep 2, 2013


"I agree with you in that this paper was quite different in that it did feel like it was changing into an economics paper. However, this is most likely a product of her writing and her "background" in economics. Over the course, we have always wondered on how to connect this science and information to the public in an efficient way. Simply put, we need more people like Ostrom, as she is one of the few people who I feel like can convey ideas to the public due to her analogies. Her idea of systems and view of complexity really did open my eyes in that sometimes complex systems are necessary in order to address all the possible problems that may arise and that a simple solution may not fully utilize the resources to address certain problems."
--( posted on Nov 12, 2013, commenting on the post The Economics of Social Ecological Systems )