What IS an 'Eportfolio'?

Learning takes many shapes and forms.  And there are many ways to remember, think about and display what you’re learning.  During the 17th century and beyond, an educated person would often assemble a “cabinet of curiosities,” a small, personal museum to bring together the moments and process of learning in a place for recalling, reflecting, and sharing.

That’s what an eportfolio can be for you. It’s a digital “place,” an online cabinet of curiosities, a museum of you. You get to build it, put your artifacts into it, design it, redesign it, think about, show it to other people, get their comments, and tell them what you think.  Your eportfolio, during the time you’re a Macaulay student and beyond, is a vital piece of your digital identity.

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Rogier van der Weyden, about 1399 - 1464 The Magdalen Reading before 1438 Oil on mahogany, transferred from another panel, 62.2 x 54.4 cm Bought, 1860 NG654 http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/paintings/NG654

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Charles Willson Peale, The Artist in His Museum, 1822, oil on canvas, Philadelphia Museum of Art; The George W.Elkins Collection

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