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Brian Ford
Gwen Shaw
Kara Van Cleaf
Anna Gjika

Brian Ford (bford [at]
Spring 2014 ITF for Prof. David Rosenberg (Seminar 2) and Prof. Samantha MacBride (Seminar 4)

Brian Ford is a doctoral candidate in the Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology program at the CUNY Graduate Center. Based at Queens College in the Dennehy Lab, his research explores both how relatedness affects gene flow between viruses and how prior host identity affects subsequent viral fitness. Prior to joining the Dennehy Lab, he worked for four years on microbicide development at the Population Council and two years at the BAC Transgenic Core of the GENSAT Project of the Rockefeller University. Brian received a BA in Organismal Biology and Ecology from Bard College and an MS in Biology from NYU. He has taught labs in Introductory Biology and Microbiology for both majors and non-majors at Brooklyn College and Queens College.

Gwen Shaw ( gshaw [at]
Fall 2013 ITF for Professor  (Seminar 1)
and Professor (Seminar 3)

Kara Van Cleaf (kvancleaf [at]
Fall 2015 ITF for Dr. Hoffman (Seminar 1)
and Dr. McClelland (Seminar 3)

Kara Van Cleaf earned her PhD in Sociology at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). At the University of Kansas, she earned an MA in Sociology and BAs in Psychology and Anthropology. Her academic interests include feminist and social theory, the family, cultural studies, and the economies of motherhood. Her dissertation research examines how motherhood and blogging inform each other. Prior to working as an ITF she taught sociology courses on the family, deviance, social control, fashion, and social theory at John Jay College, The Fashion Institute of Technology, Fordham University, and Brooklyn College. She also worked as a CUNY Writing Fellow at Kingsborough Community College and as a Teaching Fellow at Hunter College School of Public Health.

Anna Gjika (anna.gjika [at]
Fall 2016 ITF for Professor Esther Allen (Seminar 1)
and Professor Chester Zarnoch (Seminar 3)

Anna Gjika is a doctoral candidate in Sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center. Her academic interests include gender and sexuality, crime and deviance, and digital media. Her dissertation examines the intersection of new media technologies and sexual violence among youth. Prior to being an ITF, Anna worked as a Writing Fellow at Lehman College, where she also taught sociology courses, including Introduction to Sociology and The Sociological Imagination.