February 1

The Power Broker: Introduction

February 8

The Power Broker: Chap. 36 &57

February 22

The Life and Death of Great American Cities: Introduction

City in the Sky: 7-15 & 28-87

The New York Times: “In Brooklyn, Bracing for Hurricane Barclays” & “Neighbors Predicted Chaos. Now They’re Just Irked.

The New Yorker, The Second Avenue Subway is Here.

March 1

The Atlantic: “Broken Windows. ”

March 8

The New York Times: “So, How’d He Do?

March 15

Report on Globalization and New York: 2-15

Welfare Reform in New York City: The Measure of Success

The New York Times: “Triangle Fire: A Half-Hour of Horror.

March 22

The Bronx is Burning: 237-239 & 269-276

March 29

The New York Times: “Public Housing in New York Reaches A Fiscal Crisis” & “In New York, Having a Job, or 2, Doesn’t Mean Having a Home” & “For Some Landlords, Real Money in the Homeless.

The Bronx is Burning: Chapter 13

April 5

City on A Hill

April 19

Statement on Economic Importance of Arts in NYC by Scanlon

April 26


May 3

Ed Koch and The Rebuilding of New York City

The New York Times: “DeBlasio Takes A Businesslike Approach As Ebola Arrives in New York.

May 10

The New York Times: “New York Parks In Less Affluent Areas Lack Big Gifts.