Collage Proposal

For my collage, I would like to document the transportation aspect of the city. But, not in the traditional like trains, buses, taxis, or cars. I longboard to school most days, and I see many other people skating as well. Taking pictures of the different—and in my opinion more fun—means of moving from one place to another.

Taking a bus or a taxi can be mundane. Most of the time it is the same as it was last time. When skating, every experience is different. I would like to board around the city with my camera and take pictures of/with different bikers and skaters around the city. In October, there is an event called the Broadway Bomb. In this event, thousands of skaters from all over the tri-state area come down and race most of the length of Manhattan. This year, I was planning to go and I would be stoked if I could incorporate the event into a school project.

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