Critical Terms

1. Agon– A conflict that takes place, often between the protagonist and antagonist.  In Ancient drama, it is a formalized debate that usually occurs within a comedy.

2. Tragedy– A dramatic composition that typically has a great person, through an internal flaw or conflict with another opposing force, destined to downfall or destruction.

3. Monologue– a prolonged speech, or discourse made by a single speaker, especially one dominating a conversation.

4. Pantomime– The technique of showing emotions, actions, feelings, or anything of that nature by gestures that do not involve speech.

5. Scrim– A piece of fabric used as a drop, or border, for creating the illusion of a solid wall or backdrop under certain lighting conditions. It can also create a semitransparent curtain when it is lit from behind.

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  1. jmaugeri says:

    Great definitions in this post. The scrim sounds like it would be great to create silhouettes and I wonder how hard it would be, as an actor, to perform the pantomime.

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