More than just a phone

It is amazing how far cellphones have come in the last five years. Ever since the launch of the iPhone back in 2007, phones have become more than just a phone. Leading the pack of the smartphone revolution was the iPhone but now things are quickly changing as the Android platform rivals iOS.

Things look similar to the Mac Vs PC days as different computer cultures clashed. Now we have iOS vs Android. In other words, it is essentially Apple Vs Google. Upon watching a video of different phone reviews it seems that people supporting the iPhone are always ranting about Android phones whereas those supporting Android based phones rant about iPhones. It is amazing to me how something as simple as a user-interface can bring so many people out of their shells and argue.

My two cents on the whole iPhone vs Android debate is that it really depends on the user. For those who want a phone with vast features that are easy to use and work based of intuition, the iPhone would be an ideal choice. Whereas, Android’s are typically more advanced in terms of learning curve. They also have many features, more than the iPhone actually has but they require knowledge of how to properly use these features. In the end, I used to have an Android phone but quickly grew tired of the applications it had and decided to switch to an iPhone because it was much more reliable when I needed to use it.

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  1. Nancy Zhu says:

    I like how you viewed the different phone companies as different cultures – and I agree. It makes a lot of sense that the phone companies’ war is in a way useless. It’s more about the individual user and how they are oriented. I think they’re both great systems. I own an iPod touch, and I gave a chance to Android phones. After using the Android, I really want to use the iPhone now. I used to say PCs were better than Macs, but now that I transferred over to my MacBook Pro, I think the Mac is the better choice. It’s not so much I’m leaning toward a certain brand, I’m using what’s most comfortable for me.

  2. Rishi Ajmera says:

    To address your first comment on how far phones have come, I wanted to share one amazing fact. Today’s modern phones have more computing power than NASA did in 1960, they put a man on the moon and we throw birds into pigs (I’m referring to the game Angry Birds). It shows how far we’ve come but how we don’t use it to the full advantage.

    As for the debate of Android vs. iOS I had the same opinions. I like iPhone for it’s intuitive features and useful apps. Androids allow for some flexibility but I feel that the iOS format is already better set up, so it doesn’t even require that much adjustment.

  3. Joseph Maugeri says:

    I agree. Why do people need to fight about which phone to use? Does it really matter? Honestly it is just a marketing ploy to establish product differentiation but that’s besides the point. There are minor differences but it all depends on what you want to be viewed as. Just be happy that you are able to afford a cell phone–let alone a smartphone–unlike a vast amount of people on this earth.

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