The Aftermath

I spent all of Tuesday on my laptop, in pure of awe of what New York had just gone through. Subways were filled with water. Parts of New York had lost power for days and even weeks. Trees had demolished several cars, houses and unfortunately, lives.

Credits to the MTA for this picture

Once the winds had died down and the rain calmed, I grabbed my jacket and went for a walk. I wanted to see what my neighborhood was like. The first turn I made on my block and I saw a giant tree, completely uprooted, resting on someone’s house. Patches of cement from the sidewalk, much larger than I, were ripped off the ground with the trees. Cars were crushed by trees on top of them, while luckily no one was hurt.

Credits to the CT Post

The whole experience with Hurricane Sandy really helped me realize the importance of the things we rely on. The city was incapable of functioning without electricity. The feeling of not having power made people feel as if they were trapped and needed to get out of the situation. There was no transportation and today we face 3 hour lines for gasoline. Even a week later, we still see how the Hurricane has lasting effect on the city…

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  1. Sifan Shen says:

    Rishi, I don’t know where your neighborhood is; however, I feel that yours have been hit particularly hard by Sandy based on the pictures in this post. Aside from “cars were crushed by trees on top of them”, I’m extremely curious to find out major insurance companies’ next move.

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