The New Medium

There are many views on photography but perhaps Rodchenko’s view is the one that I agree with the most. His view on photography is that it should be used to capture what we see normally in different perspectives. It creates something new and bizarre yet at the same time, it was always there in front of our eyes. He stressed the importance of perspective in order to help the people gain a more complete impression of the world around us.

Larry Sultan’s view on photography was also interesting in that it shows two conflicting vies of photography. His father was a big fan of the model and pose form of photography whereas Sultan’s photography had more substance in revealing time and mood. He viewed staged images of success as deteriorating to families who don’t ever find success. When he ended with “to stop time” and “i want my parents to live forever,” I stopped and thought about how we take pictures to remember the times we spent with people who may have already passed on. While perspectives are important, the freezing of time and the importance of memory are truly fundamental in photography.

White Balance – is the process of removing unrealistic color casts, so that objects which appear white in person are rendered white in your photo. May be used for creative purposes.

Image Noise – is the digital equivalent of film grain for analogue cameras.

Macrophotography –  is extreme close-up photography.

ISO – is the sensitivity of the pixels when taking images. This plays a great role in exposure.

RAW – is also known as the “digital negative”. A RAW file contains all of the detail and information recorded at the time of shooting as it comes off the sensor, and before any in-camera processing is done meaning that you have all the information at hand when processing with compatible software later on.

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