Course Description

“You can observe a lot by watching” — Yogi Berra
“For a thing to be interesting, one need only observe it for a long time” — Gustave Flaubert

The first seminar introduces Macaulay students to the arts in New York City and the Cultural Passport, which provides free or discounted access to the cultural riches of New York City. During the semester students attend theatrical, operatic, and musical performances, exhibitions of visual art, and other highlights of the current cultural season. In addition to experiencing these art forms as an audience, students are encouraged to examine performances and exhibitions from the multiple perspectives of scholarship, creativity, and production. The seminar begins with an arts-related event for all students: A Night at the Museum. Visits to exhibits, performances, and artist encounters continue throughout the semester, on the campuses and at Macaulay central. The seminar’s culminating activity is the annual, collaborative, photographic “Snapshot of New York,” a student-curated multi-media exhibit of “a day in the life of New York City” through the eyes of the Macaulay first-year students.

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