Groups, categories, and assignments for each theme of the website

Immigration: Nick, Joanna G., Joanna Y
Food: Michelle, Stephanie, Megan
Protest: Anastasia, Mariama, Derek
Finance/Real Estate: Quan, Josh, Ivan, Simon
Culture: Ryan, David, Hye Min
Entertainment: Mark, Johanna, Anna

Stop Then Now
125th (A/B) Finance/Real Estate Finance/Real Estate
Fulton/Nassau (A/Z/J/2/5) Finance/Real Estate Finance/Real Estate; Protest
Rockefeller Center (F/B) Entertainment Finance/Real Estate; Entertainment
Union Square (Q/5/6) Protest Food
Times Square (2/7/Q) Entertainment Entertainment
Essex/Delancey (F/J/Z) Immigration Food
Canal Street (Q/Z/J/6) Immigration Immigration; Food
West 4th (A/F) Protest; Entertainment; Culture Food; Culture
Broadway/Lafayette (6/F) Culture Food; Culture
Atlantic/Flatbush (Q/2/5) Immigration Immigration
Jackson Heights (7/F) Finance/Real Estate Immigration; Food
Coney Island (Q/F) Entertainment Entertainment

Each thematic group will need to write just a quick paragraph of introduction to two of the transfer points above. I am assigning these transfer points as follows:

Entertainment: Coney Island, Times Square
Protest: Union Square; Fulton/Nassau
Finance/Real Estate: 125th Street; Rockefeller Center
Immigration: Essex/Delancey; Atlantic/Flatbush
Culture: West 4th; Broadway/Lafayette
Food: Canal Street; Jackson Heights