Making It in New York City A Macaulay @ Hunter "Peopling of New York" Seminar Project: Spring 2013

Making It in New York City

About Us

This website was created by first year students of Macaulay Honors College @ Hunter as part of their second honors seminar, The Peopling of New York.

Instructor & Instructional Technology Fellow  A.M. New York Stories of the Homeless
Professor Jacqueline Nassy Brown (Faculty Page)
jnbrown [at]

Fiona Lee (ITF)
fiona.lee [at]

Dylan Nelsen-Epstein
Josh Salazar
Grace Muset
Alex Barbulescu
Michael McGinnity
Crystal Chavarro
Carlos Perez
Mikey Citrin
Attitudes Toward Subway Solicitors Literacy and Opportunity Diversity at Hunter College
Veronica Salama
Meira Harris
Deanna Martinez
Ariel Yardeni
Sigal Israilov
Nazia Denese
Erica Chen
Lauren Vicente
Jonah Garnick
Sam Meyerson
Eloise Mcaviney

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