Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2024 Pre-Registration will begin on March 22 for Macaulay students. All pre-registrations must be submitted by April 18. You will be notified of your pre-registration status by April 19. If you received a seat in the class, you must submit your epermit by May 20.

Pre-registration is for Macaulay students only.

Other CUNY Honors students are invited to file epermits for courses with seats available after the pre-registration process ends. This document is updated with seat availability after April 19. Epermits for students (including those in Macaulay and other programs) without guaranteed pre-registration seats will be processed in the order in which they are received.


How do I get an epermit for a Macaulay course?

Your first step should be to talk to your advisor. You will need to request an epermit through CUNYFirst, and your advisor can talk you through that process. Please note that epermits go through multiple approval steps at both your home campus and at Macaulay. These steps are completed by humans, so it’s not an instant approval situation. Please be patient.

Check the deadlines for epermits at your campus and make sure they are submitted before the deadline. Also, check if there are any holds or credit overload petitions that need to be taken care of before epermits can be submitted and approved by your campus. You do not need to email anyone at Macaulay to let us know you filed the epermit request. We cannot take any action on an epermit until we receive official notification through CUNYFirst.


My epermit was processed but I didn’t get a registration appointment (or it’s not for a long time). How do I enroll in the course?

You do not need to complete this step for Macaulay courses. The Graduate Center will complete your registration and automatically enroll you in the course when your epermit is processed. When you see the course appear on your schedule, the process is complete.


I filed my epermit, what else do I need to do?

You do not need to do anything else. If the course you requested is overenrolled, we will notify you and your advisor right away. Otherwise, you will be enrolled. The Graduate Center will complete your registration and automatically enroll you in the course when your epermit is processed. When you see the course appear on your schedule, the process is complete. Please note that the entire process can take 1-2 weeks.


I have been patient but I asked for an epermit forever ago, and it’s not on my schedule. What’s up?

In addition to the typical approval steps, epermits for Macaulay courses will not be completed until the CUNY Graduate Center (where our courses are officially listed) opens their registration. The Graduate Center starts registration later than CUNY’s undergraduate campuses. Once the GC opens registration, Macaulay epermits are processed weekly, typically on Fridays. Please note that once the Graduate Center processes your permit, you are enrolled in the course. You do not need to take extra steps to enroll, and you don’t need an enrollment “appointment” in CUNYFirst.Please note that the entire process can take 1-2 weeks.

In some cases, Macaulay does not receive the request because there is a hold on your account, and your home campus registrar has not approved the request. Please check with your advisor about any account holds.


I want to drop an epermit course. What do I do?

Please email, copy your advisor, and include your EMPLID and the course number. Additionally, check-in with your advisor for home campus policies and procedures.


What are the course equivalencies?

Please work with your advisor and the appropriate department on your home campus to figure out course equivalencies. Where possible, we have provided a preliminary syllabus on the course information page to make it easier to find equivalencies.


How to Pre-Register

Pre-Registration is for Macaulay students only

How does pre-registration for Macaulay Courses work? Will I definitely get a spot if I pre-register? What if I just file for an epermit?

One of the challenges of Macaulay’s consortial model is that campuses have different registration periods. To give Macaulay students on all campuses an equal chance of getting spots in popular classes, Macaulay is instituting a pre-registration period. All Macaulay students who want to enroll in central courses should file a pre-registration form. For any course with more pre-registrations than seats, Macaulay will hold a lottery for seats. The lottery will determine who is offered a seat, as well as the order of the waitlist. Pre-registrations for Fall 2024 are due April 18. Students and advisors will be notified of outcomes on April 19. Even if you file for an epermit by April 18, you will not be in the lottery if you do not pre-register using the form. In that case, you will only get a seat if there are enough for everyone who did pre-register, plus more room. Submissions from non-Macaulay students for pre-registration will be cancelled automatically.

Please refer to the diagram on the Process Overview tab.


How many classes can I submit a pre-registration for?

You can submit pre-registrations for up to 3 classes. If you want to submit additional pre-registrations, your advisor must email that they approve the additional submissions.


I want to take Springboard but I don’t have a preference for which section. Can I submit a pre-registration for both?

Submitting pre-registrations for both sections of Springboard does not count against your three-course limit. If you don’t have a preference, enter a pre-registration for each section. This will increase your chances of getting a seat through the lottery. However, only one seat will be offered through the lottery process, even if you enter pre-registrations for both sections. If you are only able to take one of the two offered sections, only enter a pre-registration for the one you are able to take.


If it’s a lottery, can I increase my chances of getting into a popular class by pre-registering multiple times?

No, you will only get one entry per class. Macaulay will delete any duplicate entries. Entering pre-registrations for both sections of Springboard does not count as duplicate entries.


I filed a pre-registration and I have heard nothing. How can I find out if I have a seat in the class?

You should receive an automated confirmation letting you know we received your pre-registration. It will be sent to the email you provided on the form. If you did not receive the confirmation, please check your spam and make sure you are checking the email you put on the form. If you can’t find any confirmation, contact us at (and include your EMPLID). If you got a confirmation, you can expect to hear about the outcome of pre-registration on April 19. If it is not yet April 19, please be patient while other students have a chance to enter their pre-registrations.


Can you hold a spot for me? Can the professor hold a spot for me?

Neither the registrar nor the professor can hold spots. You need to file the pre-registration form to enter the seat lottery. We recommend that you sign up for the classes you want as soon as possible.


I was accepted into JEHN but I don’t see an option to pre-register for my Synthesis Seminar (MHC 311). How do I pre-register for that?

Students who were accepted to JEHN and took MHC 310 and do not need to pre-register. They are guaranteed a seat in MHC 311. JEHN students should file an epermit for MHC 312.


Some of the course codes are different than before. Is that an error?

Macaulay recently updated and regularized some course codes. Science Forward (Seminar 3) will be MHC 230 and Springboard will be MHC 400 (Fall semester) and 401 (Spring semester) from now on.


I am a Springboard student and don’t see an option to pre-register for MHC 401. How do I pre-register for that?

Students who have completed MHC 400 do not need to pre-register for MHC 401. They are guaranteed a seat in MHC 401. Students who did not take MHC 400 in the Fall are not eligible to enroll in MHC 401.


After Pre-Registration closes

I received a seat in the class I pre-registered for. What do I do?

If you were notified that you received a seat in the class you pre-registered for, you must file an epermit by May 20. After the deadline, you will lose your reserved seat in the class and it will go to the next person on the waitlist or to the next person who submits an epermit if there is no one on the waitlist.


Do I need to file an epermit if I filed a pre-registration?

Yes, if you received a seat in the class you pre-registered for, you must file an epermit as soon as you are able to. The pre-registration form does not take the place of an epermit, and you cannot be enrolled in an MHC central course without an epermit. If you are offered a seat via the pre-registration process and Macaulay does not receive an epermit by May 20, 2024, you will lose your guaranteed spot in the class. If there is a delay with your epermit, let us know by emailing and copy your advisor so we know that you are working on it.


I missed the pre-registration period but want to enroll in a Macaulay course. Is there still space in the class I want?

This document is updated daily (on business days after April 19). After April 19, you may check it for course seat availability. If the course is full, you can join the waitlist. Pre-registered students who did not receive a seat will be the first on the waitlist. After them, the waitlist will be first-come, first served (determined by the time at which Macaulay receives the epermit).


There is a waitlist for my class. How do I know if I will get a seat in the class?

If you are placed on the waitlist for a class, you will receive a notification via email. If space opens up for the class, you will be automatically enrolled in the class and notified that you have received a seat in the class. If you want to be removed from the waitlist, please let us know as there may be other students on the waitlist. We cannot guarantee a seat for students on the waitlist, so we recommend having backup choices for the class if you are dependent on it to meet requirements or maintain your full-time enrollment status. If you have not received an email that you have been enrolled in the class from the waitlist, please know that you are still on the waitlist (unless otherwise notified) and will be notified if there is availability in the class.


How can I find out if there is space in the class?

If we are still in the pre-registration period, wait til that concludes. We will not share pre-registration numbers. After that, it can take a while for CUNYFirst to catch up with enrollment requests. The tracking sheet has the most up to date information.


I want to take a class that is full, and the professor said it’s ok for me to do that. What should I do?

Please ask the professor teaching the course to email with your EMPLID, stating that they give permission to over-enroll the course. Ask the professor to include your name and EMPLID in the email. Proceed with filing an epermit.


What is the deadline to register for an epermit course?

If you pre-registered and were offered a seat in a course, Macaulay needs to receive your epermit by May 20. You should allow a few weeks for the epermit to be processed at your campus and make its way to us, which means you should file your epermit as soon as possible. If there is a delay, let us know about it by emailing Talk to your advisor about how to file an epermit, the processes vary by campus.

Your campus will have a specific deadline for accepting epermit requests. Check with your advisor about this date. If your campus epermit deadline has passed, Macaulay and the Graduate Center have no ability to override that deadline.


Will I be notified when I am enrolled in the course?

You will not receive a notification when you are enrolled in the course. We suggest that you check your CUNYFirst schedule about 2-3 weeks after you submit your epermit. We notify the advisors when a batch of epermits have been processed by the Graduate Center. If you do not see your class on your schedule after 3 weeks, please reach out to your advisor and you can email with your EMPLID.



I have other questions. Who should I contact?

First, talk to your advisor. If you still have questions, you can email and include your EMPLID.