// eportfolio should reflect you–not just in the content, but also in the look and feel of the site. WordPress makes it easy to choose and then to change your choice of design, by using themes. With themes, you can completely redesign your site with a single click (in most cases), without changing your content at all. You can even make a change for a few days, in order to show a specific audience, and then change it back again.

Changing the theme of your eportfolio is simple. Once you’re logged into the backend (at eportfolios/ name-of-your -eportfolio/ wp-admin) of your eportfolio, just click on the “Appearance” section on the left-side menu. Pick a theme from the long list you’ll see there (each with a thumbnail to get a preview), and click on the one you like. That’s it! You’ve just redesigned your entire eportfolio. You can change the “header” image at the top of each page for most themes, too.  Of course, if you decide you don’t like the theme you’ve chosen, you can change it back, or change to a new one, by using the same process.  If you’re a more advanced user, and know some CSS, you can even develop your own theme, or modify one that almost fits what you want. For more help with that, see your friendly neighborhood Instructional Technology Fellow, or come to a CSS workshop at Macaulay.