Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church

Location: 2530 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226
Telephone: 718-469-9833
Fax: 718-469-5901
E-mail: holycrossbklyn@aol.com
Website: www.holycrossbrooklyn.org

The Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church was built in 1872 by Father James Doherty. Father J. T. Woods took control of the church in 1883 with a vision of making the church an integral part of the developing Flatbush community. His first task was to renovate the church so that it is comparable to great architectural undertakings of the time. Knowing that the priests and sisters are the backbone of the institution, Woods renovated the rectory and convent to provide them with comfortable living spaces. To serve the children of growing Flatbush, Woods created the Holy Cross RC School, now the Flatbush Catholic Academy. The massive construction had a price tab of approximately $175,000. Father Woods’ vision was realized work made the Holy Cross Church into the that it is today.

The church demographics have changed with the neighborhood, making it no longer predominately white. Offering services in Spanish, Haitian Creole, and English, Holy Cross RC Church caters to the various elasticities. The church has a strong community presence and outreach, offering services such as food pantry for the less fortunate, and after school programs for children.

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