Lenox Road Baptist Church

Location: 1356 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn NY, 11226
Telephone: 718-941-3359
Website: http://www.lrbc.net/

The Lenox Road Baptist Church started as a prayer group in 1871 and was recognized by the Long island Baptist Association as a church in 1872. The church first erected a worship house near 544 Ocean Avenue. The land was leased by The Dutch Reformed Church of Flatbush. The congregation worked hard to erect the structure, which they called “The Tabernacle.” In 1888, the church moved to the junction of Lenox Road and Flatbush. In 1975 the 103 year old structure was totally desroyed by fire. The congregation moved the service to the Grand Theater. In June of 2009, the church was reopened at the Lenox Road location.

The church had an all white congregation from its inception until the early 1970s. Now, the new immigrants who came from the southern states and the Caribbean make up the majority. The church is very active in the community, offering mentoring services to local youths, annual community health fairs, community meal programs, family fun days, summer vacation bible school and more. The church has two weekly services in English at 8.00 & 11.00, and has a live stream service at noon on Sundays.

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