Dr. Scott's The Peopling of New York

Professor: Ellen Scott
ITF: Soniya Munshi
Campus: Queens
URL: http://eportfolios.macaulay.cuny.edu/peoplingnycwebsiteproject/

Dr. Ellen Scott’s course at Queens Colleges used media (films, radio shows, and television shows) to elucidate various (im)migrant experiences in New York City and to grant volume to voices from the margins. The theme of this course centered on how different ethnic and racial groups have formed and fashioned their identities around this unique metropolis. The class created a website that contains a series of selected or created media fragments: a frame, single-shot scene, image or sound that represents an important aspect or characteristic of ethnic New York. Accompanying these pieces of media are short, creative reflection about why this fragment was chosen and why it is significant to New York’s ethnic imaginary.

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