Prof De’s Peopling of New York Site

Professor: Prabal De
ITF: John Boy

This is a class site created by Macaulay Honors College students in the course of a seminar on The Peopling of New York City with Professor Prabal De at City College during the spring 2012 term.

Our aim is to explore a variety of current and historical issues in immigration in New York City, in the United States, and in our own lives. We engaged with these issues in a number of ways:

Our blogs consist of short essays: The Immigration Nation explores issues surrounding immigration to the United States through statistical data and documentary films, while Around New York takes a closer look at New York City’s immigrant communities through reflections on the Tenement Museum and an analysis of U.S. Census data at the neighborhood level.

Our Immigrant Food page features videos that provide unique culinary insight into New York City’s immigrant communities.

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