This thesis would not have been completed without the tremendous mentoring and guidance of my advisors: Professor Bernadette McCauley of Hunter College and Professor Lee Quinby of Macaulay Honors College. I met both Lee and Bernadette in the Spring of my Freshman year, and I am incredibly thankful to have been able to work under two brilliant, inspiring women not only on my capstone project but throughout my college career. This thesis project has been daunting and challenging, but also ultimately fulfilling and rewarding thanks to their continuos encouragement.

Lindsey Freer, Macaulay Honors College Instructional Technology Fellow (ITF) extraordinaire, helped me to develop this website and, in exposing me to new digital presentation tools, forced me to think about my thesis in new ways that impacted and improved the way I saw and structured my analysis and final paper. Thanks too to ITF Emily Sherwood, who showed me the Timeline JS software used on the homepage of this website.

Macaulay students at NCUR 2013

Generous funding from Macaulay Honors College, and support from the Macaulay Honors College staff, especially the Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Andrew Adair, allowed me to attend the National Collegiate Undergraduate Research Conference in April 2013 to present my thesis–a wonderful experience and one of the highlights of my college career. Accompanying me on the trip to NCUR were some of the many amazing CUNY students who have had an immense impact on my intellectual growth. I would especially like to thank my Honors Thesis Colloquium classmates for their feedback and the community built around our shared sense of struggle.

Laura Vance of Warren Wilson College was kind enough to send me her unpublished chapter, “Not a Hand Should Be Bound, Not a Soul Discouraged: Ellen White on Women’s Roles,” from a forthcoming publication on Ellen White.

Finally, an acknowledgments section would be incomplete without mention of my brilliant classmate and best friend, Whitney Porter. Her own talents as a writer and editor have improved my skills over the past four years of our friendship and my thesis is undoubtedly better than it would have been without her guidance. More importantly, she has been an unwavering source of support in all things personal and professional.

Despite the many people who have contributed to my success, any flaws in the final work are, of course, my own.