Bilingual Brains: Function, Structure, and Neuroimaging

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The mere existence of those who speak multiple languages raises many questions in terms of brain structure and function. Namely, how do people acquire new languages and, once acquired, where does the brain ‘place’ these languages? Furthermore, does language processing happen in the same place for all of a polyglot’s languages? Luckily, today’s neuroimaging tools […]

Language, Consciousness, and Bilingualism: Do the Languages We Speak Really Effect Thought Patterns?

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Language and consciousness are inseparable. Sure, consciousness exists without language; plenty of non-verbal animals are conscious in a similar way to humans. However, human consciousness in the way that we know it does not exist without language. At one point in history it may have, but no longer. Furthermore, language has never existed without consciousness. […]

Investigation of the Value of the Internet in Linguistics and Language Based Research

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Not many could argue the fact that ‘the Information Age’ is in full swing. The main tenet of such an age consists of widespread data storage and transmission possibilities afforded by an institution such as the world wide web. Considering this, the internet can be utilized to understand our world on a larger scale. In […]

Argument for the Practical Applications of the Study of Language

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Roughly 7,102 languages are spoken worldwide. As such, an investigation into the nature of language lends itself to a virtually unlimited store of methods and conclusions. The scientific study of language is not as straightforward as one might assume. There are social, philosophical, scientific, and grammatical factors to take in to account. Sociolinguistics: An International […]