Who is really flying in the cockpit?

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At any given time, there are more than 5,000 airplanes in United States Airspace transporting passengers to one of over 19,000 airports around the country. Tens of thousands of hours are spent in the sky on any given day and accompanied on every flight is the plane’s autopilot system (Awad, Wang). When air travel was […]

Trusted Traveler Programs

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Current aviation security procedures screen all passengers uniformly. Changing the amount of screening some individuals receive has the potential to relieve the burden of frequent travelers while making the screening process more efficient. Trusted traveler programs exist so that some travelers pre identified as “low risk” undergo expedited screening (Caulkins). This allows security resources to […]

Full Body Scanners: New detection technologies

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Full body scanners are now the norm at many US airports. Working alongside metal detectors and baggage scanners, the giant machines help make air travel safer and more efficient. Unlike traditional metal detectors where the machines only detect metal objects such as guns and knives, these full body scanners are able to detect anything that […]

Controlled Cognitive Engagement

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A recent study is being conducted by the American Psychological Association in United Kingdom airports. Airport security agents are being trained to use a conversational based screening method rather than the traditional method of examining body language (Chakrabarti, Strauss). In this experiment lasting approximately eight months, the new screening method was 66 percent effective in […]

Psychology and Security

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Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the security of our airports have been under extreme scrutiny. Trillions of dollars have been used in the operation of the TSA where a huge sum of that money is being used in highly advanced technological systems (Herstein, Mikti). Although these systems are state of the art, there still remains […]

The Advancement of X-Ray Screening Technologies

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The increasing threat of terrorist attacks in recent years has led to large investments in technological advancements in aviation security. One main focus continues to be the improvement of the process of X-ray screening of passenger bags to prevent prohibited items to get past security checkpoints (Brady). Some airports have started using the newest technologies […]

The Role of Resilience in Airport Security

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Public transportation is an efficient method of moving large numbers of people quickly and efficiently from one place to another. It is no surprise that terrorists often target trains and buses as many people are restricted to a small space with minimal security measures. In more advanced urban societies where public transportation is often the […]

TSA: Are we really safer?

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Since September 11, 2001, airport screening procedures in the US have been continuously evolving with the creation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). With the implementation of new technology being used in airports, air travel has been more stringent than ever. The new question being raised is whether these new security procedures will “make us […]