Macaulay Honors College and the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy now offer an exciting academic stepping stone to a master’s degree in public health.


Macaulay SPH 4+1 Program is a Bachelor’s/Masters pipeline for students interested in:
• public health policy
• epidemiologic study
• health data and statisics
• nutrition
• health care management
• equity in healthcare
• community health

Students who are headed to medical school and want a more specialized academic track. Or, students who want to enter health-related professions but are not interested in medical school.

The Macaulay SPH 4+1 Program Bachelor’s/Masters pipeline program permits eligible Macaulay students to take graduate level courses during their junior and senior years at Macaulay.

The courses can count towards both your undergraduate and graduate degrees (depending on your major and equivalency requirements). Successfully completing them secures your early admission to CUNY Graduate School of Public Health’s master’s programs. Then, you’ll be on track to complete both the undergraduate and master’s degrees in a total of five years rather than six!

Macaulay students in good standing who have:
• completed 75 undergraduate credits or more (juniors)
• maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher


MPH Degrees
Community Health
Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Health Policy and Management
Public Health Nutrition

MS Degrees
Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
Global and Migrant Health Policy (Online Program)
Health Communication for Social Change (Online Program)
Population Health Informatics (Online Program)

Consult the CUNY SPH site for specific program information

You’ll receive provisional admittance to the program during the Spring semester and begin taking CUNY SPH courses during the summer after your junior year. Accepted students may earn up to 12 credits in CUNY SPH graduate courses that will apply towards your master’s degree at CUNY SPH, and may (depending on your major and equivalency requirements) also apply towards your Macaulay bachelors degree.

To remain in the program, you must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, have a declared major, maintain full-time undergraduate status, and earn a grade of B or better in your graduate coursework.

You will be provisionally admitted to CUNY SPH the following Summer, and will not be required to complete an application in SOPHAS (which is a sort of CommonApp for schools of public health). All other requirements will apply.

The Macaulay 4+1 Admissions Committee will need a personal statement. We will also look up your transcript. Applications open annually in January.

The School of Public Health will waive your application fee! All CUNY SPH courses taken while the students are undergraduates will be e-permit courses (Note: precise transfer equivalencies will be determined when applicable by the appropriate academic departments at the students’ home campuses).

CUNY SPH courses taken in the fall or spring semester while you are still a Macaulay student (NYS resident) will be included in your Macaulay tuition waiver if they are applied to your undergraduate degree.  Students who receive the Macaulay tuition waiver will also be covered for up to 8 credits of summer coursework, at the undergraduate tuition rate.  Students are responsible for covering the difference between undergraduate and graduate tuition for summer courses.  For graduate courses that are not applied to the undergraduate degree, CUNY graduate tuition will be charged.

Students will be responsible for paying their SPH tuition after graduating from Macaulay (SPH does offer various financial aid opportunities).

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