Past and Present

Brief History of Madison Avenue:

Madison Avenue was created in 1836 when is was built right in between Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue. The street was named after President James Madison. Over the years the growing success of Madison Avenue as a whole has been attributed to its affluence in the advertising industry. Madison Avenue has become known as a shopping center for wealthy people around the world. It has become known for its elegant fashion and jewelry.

Comparing the Past and Present:

945 Madison Ave. in 1922 -U.S. Mortgage and Trust Bank

945 Madison Ave. in 2015-Apple Store

Although the function of this building may have changed, its architecture still speaks of its former use.  Such architecture is generally found in government buildings; this is why it is not surprising that it was at one time a U.S. Mortgage and Trust Bank.


865 Madison Ave. in 1928 St. James’ Episcopal Church


865 Madison Ave. in 2009 St. James’ Episcopal Church

This church has remained here for almost a century. While the building has undergone slight modifications in architecture, it still remains a place for the religious of Madison avenue to pray.

995 Madison Ave. in 1944 -Used Car Business


995 Madison Ave. in 2016 -Shoe Store

While the above buildings design has changed dramatically over time it’s core function has remained the same. Businesses still inhabit this building’s ground floor to serve both residents and visitors of Madison avenue.


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