Global Awareness Helps With Fellowship Applications

If you’re following the World Cup, you might be able to use your global interest to compete for a national fellowship!  Many, like Fulbright, Truman and Watson, expect successful candidates to be well-rounded people who are engaged in their communities and connected to their broader world.  One way to demonstrate your global citizenship is to follow national and international news.  If you, someone in your family, or your favorite football team is from another country, or if there’s a country you’re dying to visit, why not spend some time this summer reading a national, or even local newspaper from there? You can often read all or parts of newspapers and magazines for free on the internet.  As Queens College students, you can apply for a free online subscription to the New York Times through their Academic Pass program.  The Skim is a daily email newsletter which gives you short, often humorous summaries of important national and international news stories with links to more in-depth information.  Common Dreams also offers a daily email update with an emphasis on commentary from a politically progressive perspective.

Please feel free to contact me to talk about international fellowships and to use the comments section to tell us what you’re reading.

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