Celebrate American Diversity

For many of us in the Queens College community, the July 4th holiday offers an opportunity to consider how we can contribute to the work necessary to fulfill our nation’s founding principles. In her introduction to the 1619 project, Nikole Hannah-Jones reflects on her family’s patriotism and asserts that America wasn’t a democracy until black Americans made it one.

A number of fellowships affirm and celebrate the diversity of the United States and value a commitment to social justice. For example, the Paul and Daisy Soros Scholarship for New Americans values the contributions of immigrants to the United States by providing generous funding for graduate study to immigrants and children of immigrants. The foundation is hosting a number of webinars for students in particular fields which will provide an overview of the award, discuss the application process, and feature previous fellows in those fields. Registration in advance is required but if you cannot attend, you can view a recent webinar here.

The FAO Schwarz Fellowship allows recent graduates to combat inequity by combining direct service with policy work in under-served communities. The foundation is hosting a webinar on the application process and the openings they expect to have in 2021. Please visit the foundation’s website and register for the July 15th webinar to learn more. Dr. Egan is available to work with you on your applications, so please contact the Fellowships office with questions or for assistance.

Upcoming Soros Webinars:

  • Applicants in Architecture, Writing, Arts, & Music – July 8 at 3 pm ET – Register here
  • Re-Applicants – July 9 at 1 pm ET – Register here
  • Applicants in Policy & Law – July 14 at 11 am ET – Register here
  • Community College Graduates – July 16 at 8 pm ET – Register here
  • Veterans & Active Military – July 21 at 12 pm ET – Register here
  • Undocumented & DACA Recipient Applicants, Co-Hosted with My Undocumented Life – July 25 at 1 pm ET – Register here
  • Applicants going into MBAs – July 29 at 10 am ET – Register here
  • Applicants Pursuing PhDs in the Humanities & Social Sciences – August 4 at 3 pm ET – Register here
  • Applicants Pursuing Medicine and/or Biomedical Sciences – August 5 at 1 pm ET – Register here
  • Applicants in STEM – August 13 at 1 pm ET – Register here
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