We are pleased to invite proposals for ReBundling Higher Education: High Impact ePortfolio Practice and the New Digital Ecosystem. A regional ePortfolio conference jointly sponsored by AAEEBL,  City University of New York and Pace University, ReBundling Higher Education will offer sessions that highlight best practices, evidence of impact, and exciting innovations. This conference represents an important opportunity to consider developments in the field and chart a course for the future. Themes and possible topics for sessions include:

  • Connected Learning: Integrative Social ePortfolio Pedagogy. The power of ePortfolio practice is rooted in innovative pedagogy. What pedagogies are proving effective for building student outcomes? For advancing deep learning and supporting student agency?
  • Digital Badging & ePortfolio. In a world where “learning anywhere” is a growing possibility, can digital badges create new opportunities to credential learning? To vitalize ePortfolio practice? What’s possible in this emerging field?
  • Powerful Approaches to ePortfolio Professional Development. Effective ePortfolio practice requires support. Faculty and staff need opportunities to explore, develop and test ePortfolio strategies, and discover what works. What approaches make ePortfolio-focused professional development work?
  • What does ePortfolio Mean to Me? Student Perspectives on the ePortfolio Experience. Students are key ePortfolio users. What do they say about ePortfolio? How has it affected their learning? Their sense of themselves as learners? What can we learn from them?
  • Beyond the Classroom: ePortfolio and Transformational Advisement. Sustained mentoring and support is key to student success. What role can ePortfolio practice play in supporting and engaged and informed advising processes? What strategies and structures are particularly valuable?
  • Closing the Loop: Assessment FOR Learning. How can ePortfolio processes help to ground assessment in the real work of students and faculty? How can it help advance assessment that leads to real change? What approaches are working in this area?
  • Peer Learning & ePortfolio. How can students advance effective ePortfolio practice? What are examples of effective peer mentoring processes? Of engaged student use as a space for collaboration?
  • ePortfolio and Learning Analytics. What new opportunities does big data offer to ePortfolio practice? Can the qualitative nature of ePortfolios support a different type of analytics, less focused on clicks and more focused on student mindsets? What issues and possibilities are emerging on this front?
  • UnBundling and ReBundling: ePortfolio and the Future of Higher Education. What role can ePortfolio practice play in the new digital ecosystem? How can it help students navigate the changing educational landscape? How can it help colleges and universities better understand and represent what’s valuable about the educational experiences they offer? How can it support adaptive learning for all – students, faculty and colleges themselves?

ReBundling Higher Education: High Impact ePortfolio Practice and the New Digital Ecosystem invites proposals for 60 minute sessions, using the online proposal form. Proposals are due December 2 Extended to Monday, December 12, and notification will take place by January 15 (all submitters must also register for the conference).