Science for Dessert is a blog created by Dan Feldman in an attempt to help him get better at writing science articles. He also fashions it as a fun way to get people to see why science can be really cool. Some FAQs about Science For Dessert:

1) Who writes the entries?
Dan Feldman, a graduate student at Boston University. He is currently studying for a Ph.D. in Astronomy. This way he can wow people at dinner parties. Occasionally, he will invite his friends to write guest entries.

2)  I want to contact Dan. How can I do so?
Email is always the best way—he appreciates any and all feedback: danfeldman90@gmail.com

3) Can I suggest a topic for Dan to cover?
Yes! Just send an email to Dan, and he will attempt to answer any and all questions, either via email response, or new blog post. No questions are stupid questions…unless you ask a question covered in this FAQ…then it’s a stupid question.

4) How often does Dan write entries?
It depends. Due to the intense demands of school and life, Dan will sometimes go for long periods of time without an update. Sometimes he will update every few days. Update gaps, like much of physics, are relative.

5) Is Dan funny?
Does it look like he is?

6) How many people read this blog?
Between 1 and 25 real people per entry.  Between 100 and 10000000 imaginary people per entry.

7) Does Dan’s mom even read this blog?

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