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Productivity (Circa Summer 2012)

Back in the summer of 2012, while working at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) and putting the finishing touches on my senior thesis, I was faced with a 3 week period without my advisors around. At the time … Continue reading

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Tales of Comet Tails

(This entry caps off my Facebook “fun facts” series from my studying for a brutal comprehensive exam for graduate school, and is inspired by an old comps problem on Comet Hyakutake. And it’s an excuse to look at so many … Continue reading

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The Coolest Thing You Likely Never Learned About Hydrogen

What do you know about Hydrogen? In a very un-scientific study, I decided to find out. I posed this question to my Facebook friends: “If I ask you to tell me 1 thing you know off the top of your … Continue reading

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Musings of Great Minds

As many of you know (perhaps from reading the ‘about’ section of this site), I am a graduate student. This means I am tasked with running discussion sections for an astronomy class–this semester a class called Cosmic Controversies, which teaches … Continue reading

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