One of the more memorable times I failed was last term. For Macaulay I need to take at least four honors courses with at least one in my major (history). The process of getting honors for a class in history usually requires writing a research paper between 10-15 pages long along with the rest of the class work. Unfortunately, writing a piece this long way was completely new to me, a person used to doing things at or after the last moment (not exactly surprisingly, this is when this post is being written). So I put off reading and figuring out a thesis until it was too late in the course, and I did not get the honors I require. This is not exactly tragic as I still have one year to finish the Macaulay requirements (actually this class should theoretically cover it). Nevertheless, I feel that this failure is (or at least should be) wakeup call for me. I have since endeavored, with mixed success, to plan out my time and set concrete deadlines. However, I feel that I am still not there yet because it is very difficult to follow one’s own instructions: I simply do not care if I let myself down (as opposed to letting someone else down). Maybe I need a more painful shock to the system.

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