NCUR Reflection

I had a great time at NCUR. I was particularly pleased to find that there were many people who came to presentations that they found interesting. There were even people who came to see my rather esoteric topic! It is always great to see people who have an intellectual interest as opposed to just needing finish an assignment or attending a lecture because it is mandatory. I found the city of Spokane itself to be quite beautiful, with waterfalls, a quaint little park and building that were less functional looking than the angular cubes that cover much of New York.

There were some issues that I think the organizers of NCUR should address in their next location. Firstly, logistics (in terms of travel from hotel to university by hired bus) were rather abysmal. I think that that would explain the lack of speakers for some of the earlier presentations. Some advertising of the comparably functional local bus service would have also helped. Secondly that map was on the back of the packet we received was difficult to use. I understand that it was pretty but maybe a more functional one would be better.

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