Website Reflection

I hardly worked on my website this semester, as I was more focused on the paper and NCUR presentation. Thus looks rather naked and uncared for. It deserves a different theme, an about page, short bios of the major figures involved in the Science Wars, links of to pertinent websites, and a chronology of events.

I realize that my topic, the causes of the Science Wars, is not exactly everybody’s cup of tea. Most have not heard of it and those that did know only of one amusing incident (Sokal’s hoax). Therefore, by default, my audience will be rather constricted. Paradoxically, I think I can slightly broaden the potential viewership of the site because the topic is not the popular. As the website’s name contains the words “Science Wars” and so do many of my posts and pages, I think that it will be possible to reach the site by typing in “Science Wars” in Google or another search engine. As there is not too much written on the topic, those curious about the Science Wars could be able to use my website after their first line of enquiry (a search engine).

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