2015 “winners”

Here are the posters nominated through student and faculty voting for special recognition! (some of these titles are only rough approximations)

Best Poster “Pitch” Most Impressive Research/Data Most Innovative/ Creative Approach to Poster Best Poster Design Most Interesting Project Judges Choice

Reds in the Bed

Can Climate Change Affect Bird Migration

Norilsk Nickel Factory: Transforming the City of Horror

Link Between Caffeine and Mood

Effects of Combined Sewage Outflows

Ebola Explained

Waste Management Procedures in Heavily Polluted Areas

Employing Naturally Occurring Organisms to Combay Ljegun Pipeline Oil Spill.

What You Throw Away—Garbology

Perception of Caffeine and Heart Rate

Wind Energy Expansion Act

Impact of Color on Illusory Effects of Rotating Snakes

Great Minds Think A Bike


Gentrification and the Environment

Is the Sky Really the Limit

Primary Causes of Pollution

Incorporating Environmentally Friendly Infrastructure

NYC and the MTA

Do Areas of Higher Crime Rates Have Bigger Dogs

What’s Ruff in NYC

Coffee vs. Tea Culture on Twitter

Meta-analysis of the Effects of Acid Rain on Trees

Testing Effects of Multitasking

Laptops, Phones, Studying

Pooper Scooper Problem