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His mother's family is originally from a small village near the 38th parallel north, and his father's family is originally from a small town called Cheongju(청주), located south of Seoul, which is the capital city of Korea. Since his grandfather was the first one to move to Seoul, his father was born and raised in Korea. His mother, on the other hand, moved to Seoul to work after high school and met his father.

Jaeseung was born in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. His family moved back to Seoul, Korea, as his father finished his grad school when he was two. His family once again moved to Waterloo, Belgium, when he was thirteen for his father's job, and he was sent to Ossining, NY, USA, when he was sixteen. He decided to attend City College of New York(CCNY), and he is currently residing in the Towers, CCNY's dormitory, located right below CCNY campus in Harlem.

Jaeseung Hahn

Jaeseung Hahn (한재승; born on March 3, 1990) is a cocky dude who fled to America in the summer of 2006. Sometimes he is confused with Johnson Ho for various reasons, and he does not like that.

He is technically Korean American because he was born in Pittsburgh, PA, but he spent most of his youth in Seoul, Korea so he is Korean from head to toe and from heart to brain.

His only consistent hobbies are writing poems and running. Other than these two, he always gets fed up with everything very easily. This "everything" includes food, TV show, music, sports, and woman.

He hates pain and things that annoy him. He likes a solitude and a silence of peace. He has not found whom or which he loves, yet.

He is major in Biomedical Engineering at Macaulay Honors College at CCNY. In Honors Seminar 2 class, he is a member of Dominican Group. He learned that writing a "good" poem is very hard from taking this class.

New York & Jaeseung

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