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Flag of Germany
Flag of Germany



Today we rarely meet people of German ancestry or know that we have met people of Germen descent. The German-American population has assimiliated into the American culture so well that they are barely noticable in New York City. But, The Germans are one of the oldest and largest immigrant groups to come to New York City. They have a long standing history in the city and they've made contributions to almost every aspect of the city's culture. Check out our sections and find out that there's more to Germans than just their beer!

The orange sections represent the wards German immigrants occupied.
The orange sections represent the wards German immigrants occupied.


German Americans have had a long history of immigration with their ups and downs. "A History of German Immigration to New York" explains the circumstances that led to German migration. It explains the reasons why Germans wanted to leave their home country and how they were able to travel across the Atlantic to New York. "German Civic Organizations" focus on the German Society of the City of New York, as it was the most prominent organization to exist in New York devoted to helping German immigrants.


In this section, focus is placed on patterns within German immigration. We attempt to see German Americans as a whole, by examining where they generally lived, what sort of jobs they occupied, how they related to education, their average incomes, and their general health.


One of the Steuben Parades
One of the Steuben Parades

This section emphasizes the culture and practices of German immigrants. We wanted to see what sort of family structure existed within most German American homes, the different religious practices German Americans were committed to, their language, the forms of entertainment that they enjoyed, and how well or willing they were to assimilate into American culture.

The Bigger Picture

As the title obviously states, this section focuses on the bigger picture. We wanted to see how national and global events affected the German immigrants, their participation in crime and politics, and what they contributed to the culture of New York.